Welcome to the official Take the day. Blog

Welcome to the official Take the day. blog. The intent of this blog is to serve as a communication platform for the artists participating within the Take the day. event. This site should serve as a great unifying forum allowing artists involved to share work, ideas and get to know their fellow participants. Enjoy!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Lets thank a sponsor.

I'm sure most of you know by now that K restaurant will be catering lunches for all participating artists during Take the day. This is great! Thank You! We shall all remember the businesses with which we share a like cause.
K restaurant is located at 8th and railroad, Sioux Falls, SD.

Artist Spotlight 5: Nancyjane Huehl and Steve Bormes

Energy. Passion. Tradition.

Thank you Nancyjane Huehl.  http://www.nancyjanehuehl.blogspot.com/     www.taketheday.org/NancyjaneHuehl.html

Form and Function. The zen humor in between.
Steve Bormes is currently making me a time machine light by which I will be able to see the now.

It's an honor.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The web site is finally up!

Check out the Take the day. web site


There is a secret hidden link on one of it's pages which will lead you to a rare and valuable image. $5000 goes to the first person who finds the image and sends me a screenshot.

Artist Spotlight 4: Martin Wanserski and Seth McClure

Behold the magnificent Martin Wanserski.

"Give thy thoughts no tongue."

    -William Shakespeare

Seth McClure is a dedicated 80's sitcom blogger and it shows in his work. Seth currently gives lessons on "how to squeeze the humor out of meaningless distraction" at McKennan Park at 9am on Sundays.
Here's a link to Bingo Night at www.taketheday.org/SethMcClure.html

You guys are great!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Artist Spotlight 3: Amber Hansen and Andres Torres

Amber Hansen and Andres Torres will be mentioned simultaneously because both of their first names start with A, their last names are comprised of the same number of  letters and the second to the last letter within both of their first and last names is e.

Andres Torres makes wondrous colorful worlds that you can climb into. The only problem is that sometimes you don't come back.

The works of Amber Hansen resonate with a profound evaluation of the relationship between the self and it's self and it's selves and society.

The Wall from Amber Hansen on Vimeo.

Lets Thank a Sponsor

Lets thank Maureen and Bob Suga for their support of Take the day., and their devotion to the arts within our community. Thank you Bob and Maureen.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Artist Spotlight 2: Nicholas Ward and Stacey Evangelista

Together these two spotlit artists create a vast spectrum. Stacey and Nick are a great example of the philosphical diversity of the Take the day. artists.

metaphysical drumroll please.....

The infinitely creative and often times zaney Nicholas Ward is a stop-motion artist, a painter, a guy who makes drawings, a decent poet, and the list goes on and on. For as long as I've known him, Nick has always inspired us to think outside of our boxes. Thank you Nick. I'll leave it there. Here is a vimeo link to 3 of his stop-motion pieces. They're amazing. http://www.vimeo.com/user3447479

The expressive meditations of Stacey Evangelista reveal her intricate relationship with the world around her. Her still-lives, figures and her plein air landscrapes vibrate with appreciation, holding moments and memories in contemplative and optimistic arms. Her observations seem to contain a similar amount of detail as a memory, and make me feel as though I'm remembering something that I don't remember. Strange huh?  They're beautiful. Heres a link to Stacey's web site. http://www.staceyevangelista.blogspot.com/

Thank you Nicholas. Thank you Stacey.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Caroline Kent and Carolyne Landon

We have chosen to spotlight these two artists first because both of their names are... 

Caroline Kent is an extremly talented painter whose works present an amazing understanding of abstraction. A couple of months ago I was sitting in my studio with a couple of friends researching Minneapolis artists and happened upon Kent's work, we were blown away. I immediately emailed her and asked her to be a part of this, thankfully she agreed. We are truly honored to have her involved with Take the day. Her work is a must see. http://www.carolinekent.com/

Carolyne Landon is a magical wizard whose portraiture is second to none. She is also a master painter of all things, a performance artist, a courtroom artist and traveling to Sioux Falls from Portland, OR. About a year ago I walked into my Grandma Germaine's house and was taken back by, what I thought was, a 5'x4' photograph of Grandma on the wall. It was a Landon painting. What a gift to Take the day. she will be. Check out her painting of Grandma at: http://www.landonstudios.com/

May we all welcome Caroline and Carolyne.
Thanks for being a part of this.

Look and leave a comment. Lets Talk.

Nathan Holman at Zandbroz

Nathan Holman currently has a show of woodcuts and cartoons titled "The Devil Made Me Do It" at Zandbroz, downtown Sioux Falls. Make sure and check it out.

Lets thank a sponsor

As we all know events like Take the day. would not be possible if it weren't for the support of sponsors. Lets all thank Matz Painting & Wallcovering for providing the means to make this happen. Remember the next time you are choosing where to take your business, make sure it's a business that shares a cause with you. Thanks Matz!