Welcome to the official Take the day. Blog

Welcome to the official Take the day. blog. The intent of this blog is to serve as a communication platform for the artists participating within the Take the day. event. This site should serve as a great unifying forum allowing artists involved to share work, ideas and get to know their fellow participants. Enjoy!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Artist Spotlight 5: Nancyjane Huehl and Steve Bormes

Energy. Passion. Tradition.

Thank you Nancyjane Huehl.  http://www.nancyjanehuehl.blogspot.com/     www.taketheday.org/NancyjaneHuehl.html

Form and Function. The zen humor in between.
Steve Bormes is currently making me a time machine light by which I will be able to see the now.

It's an honor.

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