Welcome to the official Take the day. Blog

Welcome to the official Take the day. blog. The intent of this blog is to serve as a communication platform for the artists participating within the Take the day. event. This site should serve as a great unifying forum allowing artists involved to share work, ideas and get to know their fellow participants. Enjoy!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Caroline Kent and Carolyne Landon

We have chosen to spotlight these two artists first because both of their names are... 

Caroline Kent is an extremly talented painter whose works present an amazing understanding of abstraction. A couple of months ago I was sitting in my studio with a couple of friends researching Minneapolis artists and happened upon Kent's work, we were blown away. I immediately emailed her and asked her to be a part of this, thankfully she agreed. We are truly honored to have her involved with Take the day. Her work is a must see. http://www.carolinekent.com/

Carolyne Landon is a magical wizard whose portraiture is second to none. She is also a master painter of all things, a performance artist, a courtroom artist and traveling to Sioux Falls from Portland, OR. About a year ago I walked into my Grandma Germaine's house and was taken back by, what I thought was, a 5'x4' photograph of Grandma on the wall. It was a Landon painting. What a gift to Take the day. she will be. Check out her painting of Grandma at: http://www.landonstudios.com/

May we all welcome Caroline and Carolyne.
Thanks for being a part of this.

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  1. Wow, thanks TJ! I'm looking forward to participating in Take the Day and meeting the other artists. I'm really looking forward to seeing Grandma too!

  2. Hopefully Grandma can make it. Either way I'm sure we'll have a great time. I'm really glad you are on-board Ceca.

  3. T.J., you said I'd like Caroline Kent's work, indeed, I do! Great use of colors! And her drawings are so fun!

  4. No kidding. I really like her Romania pieces.